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Established in 2009, Garron Consulting Limited (Garron Consulting) in alliances with Garron Holdings Limited of Gorcott Group. Over the years, Garron Consulting has assisted many clients in construction related services. Garron Consulting provides:-

Architectural Alternations and Contract Administration
To provide Building Department submission service for architectural alterations of residential, commercial buildings, apply license or assist client to carry out contract administration.

Structural Engineering
To provide structural engineering related service, Building Department submission, to certify as-built temporary works or any structural related calculation.

Quality Management
To assist our client to inspect the quality of pre-own property before purchase; our comprehensive report could minimize the risk and maximize profit to ensure budget is under control.

For a brand new property, our professional could also able to inspect the property with defect list and endorsed by our Authorized Person. The report could be issued to developer to carry out remedial works. Full time supervision could also be provided to ensure the quality of works from the developer or aftermarket property, fulltime supervision quality assurance service could be provided to avoid poor workmanship from decoration contractor in order to avoid adverse consequence, such as seepage and damage of third party properties.

Risk and Safety Management
To assist our client to create environments that maximises well-being and enhance the quality of life. Our experienced expertise analyzes risks and implements the right solutions. In design and construction, we implement risk control from initial project planning to operations. Our risk and safety management professionals have a diverse range of experience from projects to human factors and we are well-known for our broad interests in environmental and safety risk. We can devise bespoke solutions to your risk and safety management issues that bring very real practical, regulatory and financial benefits. Some of our focus areas are:

  • Project planning and investment
  • Risk-based management / strategy
  • Management system implementation
  • Regulatory interpretation
  • Human factors / organizational culture / staffing assessments
  • Risk management on construction projects
  • Structural reliability
  • HAZOP (hazard and operability) studies
  • Quantified risk assessment
  • Corporate environmental risk / environmental risk assessment and management
  • Occupational health & safety study / safety audits / safety review / safety management
  • Accident investigation / litigation support
  • Third party / independent safety inspection
  • Expert witness

IT tools are available to support risk assessment and safety management including general risk software, programs to calculate the frequency of various risks and their consequences.













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