Garron Holdings Limited (Garron) of Gorcott Group in alliances with Zeovita GmbH (Zeovita), is a company engaged in international operations whose registered office is in Schwarzenberg, Germany. It develops, produces and markets innovative tribodynamically activated and micronized products, and also the technology used to produce them.

Zeovita has set itself the corporate objective of achieving the best possible utilisation of natural raw materials and the active substances contained in them through the application of tribodynamic activation (TDA), to the benefit of humans, animals and plants. In the TDA process, solid materials are accelerated to speeds of up to 20,000 revolutions per minute in a high technology micro-mill. This leads to countless collisions between the particles, following each other in rapid succession, so that the particles repeatedly shatter each other until they are broken down to grain sizes of smaller than 1 µm and are tribodynamically activated. Due to the high levels of energy involved, these collisions lead to substantial changes in the shape and form of the particles, breaking open the crystal lattices on the surfaces of the grains and modifying and deforming the lattice structures right down into the layers of material beneath the surfaces. The electrostatic charged particles display new and surprising properties that cannot be achieved by conventional milling techniques, for example enhanced ion-exchange capacity, reactivity and adsorption capacity. These characteristics and other specific effects open up a multitude of possible applications, for example in agriculture and forestry (the Lithovit® family of products), in the food, beverage and tobacco industries and also in cosmetics, medicine and the health sector.

Garron is the operator of Lithovit® in China including Hong Kong.

Lithovit® is an innovative product series of high effective; tribodynamic activated and micronized natural CO2 foliar and soil fertilizer. It is from German selected natural limestone deposits with micronutrients and various essential trace elements - readily taken up by the plant. It also harmless to humans and animals, not hazardous to water; suitable for use in organic farming according to Council Regulation (EG) Nr. 834/2007 - European Community.












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